Trekanten bibliotek & kulturhus is a community center, situated in Eastern Aalborg. Our purpose is to help local citizens realizing their cultural projects and aspirations. And as a consequence we offer music, theater, spoken words and other kind of events. We lend out  rooms and facilities for all kinds of purposes. Please call us if you require a room for meetings, education, events.

In the library you can borrow books, music, multimedia, and use computers with internet.

Phone Reception: 9931 7600

Phone Library: 9931 7602


Our opening hours:

monday,  tursday, wednesday, thursday from 10 am - 10 pm

Friday 10 am - 6pm,

Saturday 10 am -1 pm.


Trekanten is organized the city council in Aalborg.

We speak english, german, and french.

Go to and translate to any language.



The Library on Trekanten is an allround local library, that serves all groups within the lokal community . You can use the library in all Trekantens opening hours, and choose from a wide selection of fiction and nonfiction, audio-books, music, magazines, video, dvd, and computergames. We target families with children, students, youth, and users from other ethnic origins than danish. We also have books and other materials in foreign languages. 

The computercafé offers 7 computers to the users. Five of them kan be used for browsing and websurfing, download and printing. The last two machines are meant for tasks such as writing, desktopping and videoediting.

In Denmark we don´t use library cards. If you want to borrow library material, you need to bring your danish health insurance card (sygesikringsbevis), and have an account created by the staff.  You also need the health insurance card, if you want to borrow a computer.

Youth and children under 18 can borrow our material if a pa rent or guardian completes and signs a registration form.

If your library books or other materials are overdue, you must pa y a fee. See the rates here. Log in here and check your borrowers status. See what material you have borrowed, when it is due, and renew if necessary. NEW: You can pay library fees online.
Search for materials in all danish libraries here. Information from the main library in english here.
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